Craft Choreography Vienna


Over the last 6 month we were visited by truly incredible artists from 15 countries who loved our platform and our audience. The cultural venue of Brick 5 / Erbsenfabrik opens its doors for the dance community and offers a dedicated space for showing works, exchange of ideas, experiment and socializing, in a warm and friendly atmosphere. At the moment all our focus goes to Craft Choreography Online.



The artists

per edition

Maja Franke / Ralph Öllinger
Sara Mitola / Giuseppe Sorressa
Ivan Strelkin
Rita Gobi
Luca Major / Chiara Moratello

Sebastian Abarbanell
Yuli Spiegelman / Bar Shem Tov
Mor J Mizrahi
Stefano Neri
Verena Schneider

Erica Bravini
Chantal Cherry
Aleksandra Sawko

Caroline Beach
Joni Österlund
Roni Rotem
Mirjam Sadjak / Mira Gregorič
Antonio Buonaiuto

Maria Yannaros
Dorin Cohen Nissan
Haddas Eshel
Jacqueline Lopez
Marco Payer

Sophie Borney
Shirly Barbie
Cindy Hammer
Roland Dando