Craft Choreography Corona

on the previous craft choreography

CC#13: 6.5.2021, Online from Vienna

Jamiel Laurence – TO THE SEA
Fabrizio Favale – LUTE – Arrival of the gleams and sparks in everything
Simona Fichera – Fr/agile
Paul Alexander Espinoza Paladines – IKEBANA


CC#12: 18.2.2021, Online from Belgrade

Emma Cianchi – Hic Et Nunc
Monsieur David – Feet Theatre
Joana Carvalho / Dazza Schouten – Helianthus
New Breed Dance – You’re fired
Sada Mamedova – Concept of imperfection
Laia Santanach – Tradere
Alessia Ruffolo – Why So Serious?
Marine de Vachon – Juliet

CC#11: 12.11.2020, Online from Vienna

Lisa Magnan – CONFI(N)DANCE (France)
Kyra Jean Green – The Man Who Traveled Nowhere in Time (Canada)
Josh Martin – Brimming (Canada)
Alina Jacobs – I tempo I of I time I (Netherlands)
Liza Zhukova and Maria Zhukova – INNER (Netherlands)

CC#10: 17.9.2020, Erbsenfabrik Vienna

Pablo & Guy – ATLAS (live, Vienna)
Etienne Sarti – Olm (live, Germany)
Ivan Strelkin – Beast in love (live, Linz)
Cristina Hall – Tripolar (film, Spain)
Dimar Dance Theatre – LOOK FORWARD (film, Indonesia)