Book of artists CC#12

You find here a list of the invited artists for Craft Choreography Online #12.

Why So Serious?

You don’t see me, I’m a master of disguise. You wanna know the trick? But a magician never tells. Your life would be easier. But the fun would be over. Is the game worth playing when the winner loses everything?

In a society of faceless consumerism, do we ever question our capitalistic greed? How much do we truly require? And to what extent do we define ourselves based on what we have and what we do. “why so serious?” takes the viewer on a journey through a psychological landscape of desire created by two polar characters. Be sure to pay attention as things are not always as they seem.

Alessia Ruffolo

Alessia is a Canadian-Italian performer, choreographer and creative, currently based in Germany. She is a graduate of Point Park University Conservatory of Performing Arts (Pittsburgh, USA), where she earned her BFA degree in Dance in 2016. Alessia has also trained in theater/acting for film at NYU Tisch School of the Arts, The StoneStreet Film Academy (New York), and The New York Film Academy (Los Angeles). Currently, Alessia is a full-time company member working with choreographer Johannes Wieland at Staatstheater Kassel in Germany. She has also worked professionally with choreographers Maxine Doyle – Punchdrunk (UK), Lenka Vagnerova (CZ), Ryan Mason and Annamari Keskinen (USA,FN), Tom Weinberger (IL), Helder Seabra (PT), and Luke Murphy – Attic Projects (IR). As an emerging choreographer, Alessia’s work has quickly gained professional recognition. Her recent work ‘why so serious?” was selected as a finalist for the 34th International Choreographic Competition Hannover (Ballett Gesellschaft Hannover). Her work has also been invited and performed in festivals in Italy (CAOS-Stalker Teatro, Torino), Germany, and the Unites States.  |  instagram


Shakespeare’s most powerful and classic love story revitalized by a unique vision transforming the witty and timeless romance of Romeo and Juliet into a dark fairy tale exploring the intimate, conflicting and dramatic relationship between them. Setting the story in current times, this version questions what will happen when Romeo and Juliet are not faced with a world of convention and social code, how it will affect their love and the reason for their final destruction. Directed by Angie Su.


Marine de Vachon

Born in France, Marine de Vachon trained at the Conservatoire de Marius Petipa in Paris, the Conservatoire National et Régional de Nice, North Carolina School of the Arts and the University of Oklahoma where she earned a BFA in Ballet. Upon graduation, she started dancing professionally and has enjoyed performing soloist and principal roles in classical masterpieces and contemporary ballets such as The Nutcracker, Giselle, Swan Lake, Don Quixote, Carmen, Romeo and Juliet, La Boutique Fantastique, Pas de Quatre and The Firebird. Since making Los Angeles her home in 2011, Marine has been blessed with the opportunity to dance and choreograph for national and international commercials, print campaigns, music videos and film as well as for the stage. In 2017 she founded Contempo Arts Productions and premiered her full length version of “Romeo and Juliet” in LA that summer. Her ballet inspired film director Angie Su lei to write a novel version of the Shakespearean tale, bringing a fresh vision to the timeless love story. Thus the short film “Juliet” was born.

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Angie Su – born and raised in China, Angie Su’s passion for storytelling rooted early on. To chase her dream to be a director, she moved to Los Angeles and received her master degree in Film Production from the Art Center College of Design years ago. Angie Su describes her work as a big fun house, where she distills common elements and human stories from daily life and brews into visual pieces with boldness, imagination, and humanity that evoke and inspire you.



TRADERE is a proposal of contemporary dance and live electronic music that investigates about the practice of those western traditions that sacrifice the body for esteem, belief and tradition and to be part of a community within a festivity. It is a reflection on the permanence from generation to generation of traditional group practices where the body is the main tool of exhibition.

Laia Santanach

Choreographer, dancer and pedagogue resident in Barcelona with more than 15 years of professional experience. She currently directs her own company under her name, Laia Santanach. She has created the solo Bailando Bailábamos,  the group piece Réplica and her latest creation ÀER, winner of Premi Delfí Colomé Award.  She is currently immersed in her new creation TRADERE. Also, she has assisted the choreography of several companies. In 2016 she created the Festival Menorca en Danza.
Moreover, she regularly gives workshops called Physical Tools and currently, she is a teacher in the dance and creation classroom of the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona.


Concept of imperfection

Peter Matkaicsek

Link to the concept of imperfection: conceptofimperfection


Sade Mamedova studied at Irina Tikhomirnova’s Ballet School and Nicholas Ogryzskov’s Contemporary Dance School in Moscow. In 2010, she has been touring internationally with the Riverdance Company and in 2013 got her bachelor at the Classical Dance University of Music and Performing Arts Frankfurt am Main. Since 2011 has been associated with the UnterwegsTheater . From 2013 was a member at the Theater Regensburg for three years and two years at the Lucerne Theater. Since 2018 became a freelancer, who has received several awards in (Copenhagen, Hanover, Taipei) as a dancer and choreographer and participated projects; Reconstruction (2019) with Unterwegs Theater and A Monteverdi Project (2018) with Saar Magal at Staatsoper Berlin and since 2019  associated with Klever dance company


Tiana Lara Hogan began her dance training with Tessa Maunder OAM in Newcastle, the Australian Ballet School in Melbourne and graduated from the Staatlichen Ballettschule Berlin. She worked as a solo dancer at Anhaltisches Theater Dessau, Nordharzer Städtebundtheater, Theater Hagen and Theater Regensburg and has collaborated with renowned choreographers in various creations, some of which include; Felix Landerer, Yuki Mori, Fabien Priovelle, Jai Gonzales, Natalia Rodina, Ihsan Rustem and Maciej Kuźmiński. She has created some works of her own and shares her passion for movement and music, teaching classical ballet and contemporary dance.

Andrés Garcia Martinez begins his dance education at the Conservatory of his hometown in Spain and continues at the University for Music and Performing Arts Frankfurt am Main. In 2014 he joins Folkwang Tanzstudio and in 2015 Ballet National de Marseille under the direction of Emio Greco. Since 2019 he works as a freelancer with several companies such as UnterwegsTheater and Yuval Pick, as well as his own research which he shares with improvisations workshops throughout Europe.

You’re fired

New Breed Dance presents its newest creation, a dance film celebrating the absurdity of Donald Trump, and our collective obsession with his persona. With humor, wit, and pizazz this film takes you into the mind of Donald Trump, where he is mesmerized, seduced and ensnared by his own ego. A political satire featuring professional dancers; you won’t be able to look away from this spectacle.


New Breed Dance

New Breed Dance features the diverse talents and creative collaboration of local Colorado dancers and artists. Steeped in style, sensuality, and musicality, New Breed strives to create innovative choreography that is both wildly entertaining and maintains strong artistic integrity. This company captivates audiences with their bounding athleticism, emotionally evocative performances, and astounding showmanship. The mission of New Breed is to bring this invaluable art form to audiences and students of all ages. Whether in the theatre, classroom, or street scene, New Breed’s dynamic dancers and accessible choreography enriches the lives of its community and beyond.



Warmth equals to comfort and pleasure. When we were wallflowers currently aims for a creation based around heat portraied by light and atmosphere. We ask ourselves how the human body reacts to natural phenomenons, in this case heat in its diffrent forms.

Joana Carvalho / Dazza Schouten

Our collective is a series called When we were wallflowers, created by Joana Carvalho and Dazza Schouten. We created this project during the Corona virus period, this was a way to keep our selves creative, according to the rules. Joana is from Lisbon, Portugal and has been studying contemporary dance at Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunstenin in Tilburg, The Netherlands, where she is based now. Dazza Schouten, is from the Netherlands, and is also in her fourth year of Fontys Dance Academy in Tilburg, were they started the collaborative collective.


Feet theatre

Monsieur David

MONSIEUR DAVID ITALIAN ARTIST born in Turin CLASS 1974 his life and a show and we see him from his path started at the age of 18 when he worked in the Italian varieties and in the avant-garde ,for 11 years has been carrying on a new research by self-taught realizing theater shows of the foot,his love story he realizes with his feet and an invitation to turn upside down to make his own human revolution , giving way to the male and female sides to integrate to create a new evolved man, his artistic extremization fits with his vision of the world,he believes that every human being must aim at the maximum creative relization of his lifeMonsieur David wants to continue traveling around the world to bring his encouragement to art and the only true salvation for man

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Hic et Nunc

“Here and now” is the literal translation of this famous Latin phrase attributed to Horace. Used by several philosophical currents, it assumes meanings with different nuances, all of which can be traced back to a simple thought: all our actions are performed here and now, in the immediacy of the present; the past and the future, however important, are memories, time flows inexorably and life is here and now. A straight line, an abandoned place in which past lives echo, a sequence plan to say that the present is the only dimension in which one really lives. 

Emma Cianchi

Born in Pozzuoli. Since the beginning she develops in different artistic fields her creative ability in an eclectic and original way. From a very young age she is passionate about different types of art such as photography, but it is in dance and choreography that she feels she can best express herself. Recognized on the national circuit as an original choreographer, winner of numerous awards, has collaborations of excellence in cinema, theater and music. She personally takes care of her shows in the smallest details: starting from the research of the movement that gives life to the show itself and ending with the scenographic aspect and the costumes. In his most recent works he investigates the new digital technologies applied to scenography and extends his interest to installations and video-creations as a director. In 2003 with Veronica Grossi she founded the contemporary performing arts center Artgarage in Pozzuoli, an experience that still allows her to encourage young people in the area to train professionally. In 2009 she founded IF0021, an Italian/French collective of artists experimenting with new audiovisual technologies, contaminating languages and investigating infinite creative possibilities. She teaches contact-improvisation, choreographic composition and improvisation in dance schools in various regions of Italy. Emma Cianchi is also the artistic curator of dance at the Teatro Bellini in Naples.