The Craft Choreography is an independently organized platform for showcasing the cutting edge contemporary choreography. Traditionally, we present every month in Erbsenfabrik Vienna. However, in times of lockdown, we lead the event also in a digital form. Join us for our next event and show your appreciation for this young and vibrant artform. Also, consider sharing the information among your friends! It strengthens our culture and pushes the humanity forward. Finally, it is all donation-based: it means a world to us if you consider supporting the incredible amount of work that goes to preparing this event. Scroll down for more information. Enjoy the journey!

Hygin Delimat, the founder of Craft Choreography


Apply with your works to craftchoreography @ Gmail . Com


18.2.2021 at 19:30 Vienna Time

Please, be welcome to share it further!


12.11.2020, Online from Vienna

Lisa Magnan – CONFI(N)DANCE (France)
Kyra Jean Green – The Man Who Traveled Nowhere in Time (Canada)
Josh Martin – Brimming (Canada)
Alina Jacobs – I tempo I of I time I (Netherlands)
Liza Zhukova and Maria Zhukova – INNER (Netherlands)


17.9.2020, Erbsenfabrik Vienna

Pablo & Guy – ATLAS (live, Vienna)
Etienne Sarti – Olm (live, Germany)
Ivan Strelkin – Beast in love (live, Linz)
Cristina Hall – Tripolar (film, Spain)
Dimar Dance Theatre – LOOK FORWARD (film, Indonesia)